Vaccination Card

Photo Credit: Kevin Salemme

The COVID-19 vaccination card is a certificate that includes information about the date(s) of vaccine administration, vaccine manufacturer, lot number, and clinic name. The cards were distributed to vaccination clinics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Initially the card was manufactured 4″ x 3.5″ to fit in a wallet; it was anticipated that patients would fold the card, but people were unaware of this plan.

As part of the return to on-campus instruction in the fall 2021 semester, Merrimack required staff and students to be vaccinated. Merrimack attempted to ease into that transition by providing an opportunity for students to receive a vaccination once all adults became eligible under Massachusetts state guidelines. On April 28th, 2021 Merrimack obtained roughly 1500 doses of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The college distributed the vaccines during clinics held on April 30, May 3, and May 4, to students, faculty, and staff on campus. As of December 2021, Merrimack had continued to put forth effort in controlling the spread of the virus by providing Modern and Pfizer vaccine boosters at on-campus clinics.


Sullivan 304C

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