Interview of Kyle Templeton

“I think it’s important to see people, especially in a time like that. When you’re not seeing anybody you can get depressed.”

– Kyle Templeton

Kyle Templeton is a senior at Merrimack College. In the interview, Templeton describes what it was like to deal with the pandemic on and off campus, focusing on campus life before and during the pandemic, schoolwork, and COVID-19’s impact on athletics.


Thomas Wilson: All right, um how have you changed, and what have you learned?

Kyle Templeton: Like going from lockdowns and not be able to do anything I have more appreciation for like the everyday life that we can live here, because I know like even in like Australia and stuff like this, they still have lockdowns and, like the rest of the world isn’t like the United States is right now and some countries are struggling worse. So I probably learned to like take take more pride in the life that I’m able to live. Like being able to go out and do what I want like whenever I want because we weren’t allowed to do that. And I probably learned to spend more time with family. Being in my house with them for so long, just made me appreciate it and know that like spending time with them is important and–

TW: Yeah, yeah, that’s a good one. Do you have any lessons or any advice that you would want people to know?

KT: Like if people were going to go into a pandemic?

TW: Yeah, exactly.

KT: I don’t know, you just kind of gotta wait it out and be patient. You know things don’t change, like change doesn’t come as quickly as you might think it would. And you just have to take baby steps into it. You know, we just–you just have to wait it out.

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This interview was conducted on Zoom at Merrimack College on November 30, 2021, by Thomas Wilson.

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