Sanitation Wipe Dispenser

Photo Credit: Kevin Salemme

This is a dispenser for germicidal disposable cloths (sanitation wipes). The wipes are generally used in hospitals and public settings to kill the pathogens that cause infectious diseases such as COVID-19. At Merrimack, these wipes were used to decontaminate popular areas and classrooms that the students used, especially during the 2020-2021 school year. For example, students were encouraged to wipe down seats and desks before sitting or leaving the classroom. At the campus fitness center, too, students used wipes to clean equipment. This speaks to how students were expected to interact with public spaces on campus–they were expected to social distance, wipe down the surfaces they touched, and wear facial coverings. These wipes were also significant to the healthcare center on campus, Hamel Health. To prevent outbreaks, Hamel staff wiped down every inch of the examination room in between seeing patients/students. Into the fall semester of 2021, many students still used such wipes in popular areas and classrooms to disinfect surfaces.


Sullivan 304C

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Baylee Metcalf

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