Personal Protection Kit

Photo Credit: Kevin Salemme

This is a Merrimack College personal protection kit. These kits were handed out to students and faculty during their initial COVID tests in the beginning of the fall 2020 semester. These kits contained one hand sanitizer, two disposable masks, two antimicrobial towelettes, two disposable thermometers, and one pair of nitrile gloves. The packaging also included information on how to protect oneself and others from spreading the virus. The personal protection kits were distributed to ensure that everyone would have a few simple supplies to keep them safe and get them started. Merrimack ordered these kits from a company which specialized in emergency preparedness supplies/PPE. The kits already came assembled by the manufacturing company and Merrimack was able to customize the label sticker on the front. The sticker was designed by the Merrimack College’s communications group. When the kits were ordered for the college, the goal was to have one for every individual, which meant the college received 5,000 of them. Merrimack was not the only school that supplied their students with a kit. There were similar kits distributed and made for other colleges around the area with various sizes, supplies, quantities, etc.


Sullivan 304C

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Gianna Cioto

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