Fitness Center Signs

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Merrimack College did everything it could to keep campus life as normal as possible while still enforcing social distancing guidelines. This included the option for students to use the campus fitness center. With this pandemic, there were new procedures and protocols put into place in all places around campus, including the fitness center. The above signs were a part of that effort. These signs were used to promote social distancing within the gym space and limit the amount of cleaning the staff had to complete between sessions. These sessions included scheduled times students had to sign up for if they were interested in using the gym. Each session was 50 minutes long, and students were required to sign up for this prior to arriving. Upon arrival, students were required to show their student ID card and the “CoVerified” app the college used to prove testing protocols were being followed. The fitness center implemented these scheduled sessions to limit the amount of people within the gym at one time to ensure that there was enough space for everyone to remain six feet apart. Between each session, the fitness center staff worked hard to clean each machine and mat in each part of the gym to keep COVID exposure to a minimum in this area. These signs are a great representation of the great work the fitness center did in playing their part to keep the students of Merrimack College safe.


Sullivan 304C

Accession Number

2020.28.1 & 2021.28.2


Jenna Bednarz

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